"One that suits your taste"


Your Premium Tea Solution



Nelmarks premium tea is 100% natural — no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives of any kind. It is just the finest tea from Kenya. Sourced directly from Kenyan farmers and freshly ground to world standards specifications.


“Nelmarks Premium Teas is the finest tea you will find in the World. Grown in both the East and West of the Rift Valley in East Africa, there is a variety of Teas from Nelmarks that are guaranteed to suit your taste.”


We have been in the agribusiness sector for a while and able to adapt to new skills and ideas enabling us to work with young creative and innovative minds for us to create even more superior and trendy products.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Nelmarks Ltd are always a pleasure to work with.”

D. Wachira

NELMARKS PREMIUM TEA. ''One that suits your taste''

NELMARKS LIMITED is a privately owned, Kenyan Limited Liability Company (LLC) set up to accomplish our maxim “One that suits your taste”. This is done by promoting sustainable agricultural practices to support the tea industry in Kenya. 


The world over, tea is the most embraced or incorporated beverage that is second only in the consumption to water, as a drink. Due to its crucial elements, it is highly recognized in social life and health. People often have tea regularly and also during social gatherings and other events, hence making it a social beverage that is said to be capable of preventing different types of diseases. This therefore can classify Nelmarks premium tea a healthy drink too. 


The demand for tea globally, is becoming more developed due to this global awareness of the multiple benefits of tea, which it is said to include the ability to fight cancer cells and the ability to increase muscle endurance (*KALRO-TRI Research)  more so – the Specialty tea.


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